Apr 8, 2017

More on the trail to The Meadow is Ten Kisses Wide

Working on the edit  with Nik  Blaskovich for The Meadow is Ten Kisses Wide which Nik shot at Rattlesnake Canyon with wilderness princess Anna Carnes on a trail bedecked with ceonothus and the green aftermath of intense winter rains.

Apr 4, 2017

Behind the scenes filming The Meadow is Ten Kisses Wide

It was a dream come true  when we danced up the trail at Rattlesnake Canyon in Santa Barbara to film The Meadow is Ten Kisses Wide. Cinematographer Nik Blaskovich and ballerina in another life (at State Street Ballet) Anna Carnes became part of a landscape of green and clouds with pops of ceonothus blessing the way.

The Meadow is Ten Kisses Wide

Here are some stills from the new dance film cinematographer Nik Blaskovich and I are editing of  wild dancer Anna Carnes at Rattlesnake Canyon in the Santa Barbara mountains after a rainy winter  left the creeks and birds and frogs singing merrily. Our working title is The Meadow is Ten Kisses Wide which comes from an offhand quote by one of Pina Bausch's dancers in her unforgettable stage work 1980. Those poetic words stayed with me until they could find a suitable expression as homage  to Pina in our own way of expressing the necesary wilderness of the soul.

San Francisco Movement Arts Festival at Grace Cathedral

It was a cold and rainy January day when we drove north for Jim Tobin's magnificent San Francisco Movement Arts Festival at Grace Cathedral. Highway 101 was as green as a shamrock all the way up the coast as flash flood warnings kept appearing on our phones through the rain soaked roads. When we finally parked next to the Bishop's reserved parking spot and made our way into a hushed Grace Cathedral with dancers rehearsing in mutiple area throughout the soaring space, it was enough to bring you to tears and it did.  Jim Tobin curated an amazing group of gorgeous San Francisco soloists and dance troupes with a handful of out of town artists. Bonnie flew in from New York to perform a solo at the Altar of the Magnificent Seven with music by Ghost Tiger. She was indelible and mysterious as you can see by these photos, some taken by the esteemed Bay Area dance photographer Lynn Fried. It was a spiritual and profound way to start the year and we are delighted Bonnie has been invited back to dance in the labyrinth for the next SFMAF.

Jan 4, 2017

Anna in Rehearsal for Forest Dance

Anna Carnes is rehearsing this January for a forest film at Rattlesnake Canyon under the cover of winter with cinematographer/editor Nik Blaskovich,

Dec 9, 2016

Anna Carnes at the Santa Barbara Arts Fund Gala

When I got the honor of presenting work for the Santa Barbara Arts Fund gala at Nancy Gifford's home that is both a gallery for and testament to local artists, I had the feeling that this was going to be the party of the year! And yes, it was! Here is the gorgeous Anna Carnes at the party and in my studio rehearsing the solo we created for the event. What an impressive afternoon. The level and depth of artistry apparent throughout the estate was inspiring as is the mission of the Santa  Barbara Arts Fund. As an anchor for the arts in the  burgeoning and fabulous Funk Zone in Santa Barbara, the Fund is a welcome resource and showcase. And Nancy Gifford is an amazing artist in her own right and a total gift to Santa Barbara!

Dec 7, 2016

Six Weeks in Process with the Dance on Camera Teen 2016 Arts Fund Workshop!

The whole process of collaborative creation in the making of two dance films in honor of the Pacific was a delight. We worked hard and had fun. Thank you Santa Barbara Arts Fund for your amazing Teen Arts mentorship program!

Dance on Camera Teen Mentorship Screening and Performance at Centerstage

I was so proud of the poetry and artistry from the teens I mentored in Dance On Camera for the Santa Barbara Arts Fund. It was an indeliby beautiful not to mention breathtaking performance and screening at Centerstage

Our Second Day of Shooting with the Dance on Camera Mentorship

Anna, one of the students, took the reins the second day of shooting for our Dance on Camera workshop with the Santa Barbara Arts Fund 2016 Teen Mentorship. She was guided on set by cinematographer Nik Blaskovich and edited the footage that Nik and she produced by herself in the lab at her high school. What a collaborative art form film is and these students excelled in co-creating beautiful work together.

Filming with the Dance on Camera Teen 2016 Arts Fund Mentorship

I had the distinct honor of mentoring six beautiful and accomplished young women for the 2016 Teen Arts Mentorship Program with the Santa Barbara Arts Fund in Dance on Camera. We produced two memorable short films and had a screening at Centerstage with a live performance. Nik Blaskovik as cinematograher/mentor and Arna Bajraktarevic as editor/mentor brought a professional polish to the films while imparting their high skill level to the students. These teens were all in-- they created choreography and improvisations, styled their shoots, and came with complete focus for two long shooting days that ended on both days with them getting totally immersed in the sea. I hope I was able to impart that by honoring the sea through art we  create the next generation of earth stewards. I loved every minute.